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Be As Smart In Your Home Business As You Are In Your Life

I know a lady who is smart. In fact she’s very smart. She’s a certified public accountant. Very good at what she does. She’s helped individual people, small businesses and large companies get hold of their finances. She’s helped them make sure their cash flow will stay strong from one month to the next.

She’s helped many people make good decisions about how to spend their money.

So it was a little bit surprising that when she started a home business, she made all kinds of goofy mistakes in planning for her business. She started spending in ways that didn’t make any sense for the goals she set for herself.

I used to joke, “if the accountant in you took a look at what the home business person in you was doing, she’d scream in horror.”

It’s a common thing. People who are smart in other parts of their lives do some of the wackiest things when it comes to their home businesses.

Teachers are another great example. They know exactly how to take new stuff, break it down for young people, and explain it in ways that make sense. But when they start trying to understand new things themselves they often become helpless. And when they try to train someone else, it gets even crazier!

I remember years ago a school superintendent was sponsored into network marketing by a very successful guy in his early 20′s. It was interesting watching the professional man struggle to keep up with this kid, who had some pretty serious learning disabilities.

Same thing happens with doctors, nurses, engineers, lawyers, etc.

Stay at home parents are some of the greatest examples. They run their homes efficiently, take great care of their kids and are great at taking care of a million details. But they have a hard time with the much simpler details of building a home business.

There are a few reasons why this happens, but one is most common…

When you’re a “professional,” or even when you’re someone who is just very good at what you do, you often work for someone else. It’s your career, but it’s not necessarily your business. There is someone else who is ultimately in charge, who tells you what to do. And that other person is often taking the risks.

There are also a lot of people have to do in other parts of their life. But they don’t always have to change how they think.

Home business builders, especially network marketers have to interact with people in different ways. They have to be open and approachable. They have to invite people to take a look at things in a way that doesn’t happen very often in the outside world. We understand doctors, lawyers, accountants.

We don’t always understand building a residual income. We don’t understand doing something different than trading time for money. Building a leveraged income is way different for many of us.

It makes us nervous. We do weird stuff in order to compensate.

That’s the point. If you just sit back a moment, take a deep breath and let the common sense you already have take over, you’ll be fine.

If you’re reading this, you probably know how to do a lot of things. You’re smart.

Now just use that same intelligence to look at things carefully, ask good questions, let yourself learn from mistakes… and take your home business and have fun.